Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussion

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Head injuries are now successfully treated with medication-free LENS Neurofeedback. Scientifically advanced treatment accelerates rebuilding of neuropathways, bypassing brain damage. Clinical therapy helps clear foggy thinking and improves concentration. UC Studies prove it works for persistent effects of childhood concussion, recent traumatic brain injury (TBI), and head injuries from contact sports.

Clients report dramatic relief from migraines after only one session. Learn the benefits medication-free Nerurofeedback.
•   Relieve the root causes of brain fog and headaches.
•   Rebuild healthy neurological brain networks. 
•   Reset neuropathways to normalize brain functions.
Echo Neurotherapy, with locations in Mill Valley and San Francisco.

Medication Free Alternative

Clinicians at Echo Neurotherapy have have developed a successful integrative-medicine EchoNeuro Protocol for treatment of TBI/traumatic brain injuries and concussions. TBI treatment combines LENS Neurofeedback sessions with genomic activating brain supplements that support brain health and regeneration. This reliable treatment program has been shown safe and effective for children, teens, and adults.

Small Injuries with
Large Implications

Even small bumps to the head can add up to big losses of concentration and attention. You don’t have to have a history of contact sports or a fender- bender whiplash to suffer from head trauma symptoms such as memory loss, irritability, foggy thinking, procrastination, light sensitivity, and diminished confidence.

Our Process Yields Results

Affordable LENS neurofeedback can restore the brain’s optimal functioning after head trauma. Clients report easier thinking, contentment, clarity, energy regulation, greater awareness, new confidence based on experience, better concentration, and wise decisions after their sessions. During LENS sessions, an EEG reads brainwaves on the head, and faintly echoes them back through the sensor wires for just a few seconds. Our wise brains use this faint yet accurate information to reorganize priorities by letting go of obsessive energy patterns that operate to defend against the head trauma that has already happened. The result is a more spacious mind with restored memory and skills to easily handle the challenges in daily life.

A growing number of our professional colleagues agree that LENS Neurofeedback is the preferred treatment for cognitive difficulties after a fall, TBI or head trauma. CTE and TBI/traumatic brain injury and concussion symptoms may only require a short treatment protocol to restore lost or diminished abilities. Successful treatment results are typically experienced by clients in the first session even for those who have a lifetime history of TBI/CTE/Concussion. Often, only a few treatment sessions are needed to fully restore mental agility and memory losses.

3 Quick Facts About Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion

  1. Concussion or mild traumatic brain injury, is the most frequently undiagnosed cause of ADD/ADHD symptoms.
  2. An estimated 5.3 million men, women, and children are living with a permanent TBI-related disability in the United States today.
  3. Cognitive, emotional, and sensory impairments often permanently alter a person’s vocational, social and family relationships—an invisible epidemic.
  4. Source: TBI in the United States: A Report to Congress

Is Treatment Right
for You?

Have you ever hit your head? Even small bumps count.
Have you lost clear thinking, memory, motivation, concentration, processing speed or your sense of humor?
Do you suffer from migraines, irritability, impulsiveness, reactivity, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, learning disabilities or memory loss? 
Did these deficits begin shortly after a:

  • Whiplash in a car accident
  • Head blow in sports or work
  • Fall, stroke or coma.

If the answer is yes, even one session of the Echo Neuro Protocol is likely to produce dramatic improvements. But you don’t need a diagnosis or known trauma history to begin treatment. The brain is hardwired to cling to negative experiences because of their survival value, and every adrenalin rush of a lifetime is retained as a repeating emotional alarm. Head trauma is experienced in the brain as the biggest trauma of all. Everyone can benefit, and the first treatment session will typically reveal what results are possible.

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A Parent’s Story

“Our son was diagnosed with ADHD and dysgraphia after three “ordinary” falls at age 5. We tried many therapies, with only slight improvements, and kept searching for a way to return his brain to normal functioning. He is 20 now, and we finally found it.”

“LENS was like pushing the reset button on his brain.”

“The LENS process does not require expensive brain maps or concentrated effort over forty sessions, like traditional neurofeedback. Our hyperactive son could not have sat still for that! LENS treatments are passive and only last a few minutes.”

“After 15 treatments our son is a changed person. We watched him improve from only being able to tolerate thirty minutes of study, to concentrating for three hours straight. For the first time since age five he feels socially confident. And for the first time in class, he can focus on facts long enough to remember them. His explosive frustration is gone. His underlying kind and happy nature is the new normal, even in challenging situations.”

“I only wish I had known about Echo Neurotherapy sooner.”

— Parent; Mill Valley California