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Patients of all ages have experienced successful treatment and recovery from side effects of surgery and chronic illnesses with LENS Neurofeedback treatments. This advanced therapy rebuilds healthy neuropathways and brain cells to relieve pain, clear foggy thinking, aid sleep, and improve memory. Clients report feeling calmer with less discomfort and anxiety after the first session.

  • Reduces brain inflammation and supports neural regeneration.
  • Resets brain neural pathway and neuroplasticity for memory and mental agility.
  • Relieves distress and restores emotional steadiness and resilience .

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Treatment Report

Medical procedures and severe illness my require long-term rehabilitation, pain management, and recovery therapy. EchoNeuro Protocol used the clinic work as a reset button for pain and trauma from medical procedures. These treatment protocols have enabled clients to return to full productivity. Treatment relieves automatic reactions to fear of pain along with worry and anxiety resulting from surgery and the effects of medical procedures. Stress reduction helps prevent stress induced cardiac problems such as tachycardia and “broken heart syndrome”


Neurofeedback treatments successfully clear lingering symptoms of invasive major medical procedures. Savere viral infections result in brain trauma. Even after the virus is gone, defensive trauma and distress often manifest as brain fog, fatigue, headache, indecision, fear and unexplained anxiety may continue for years.

LENS Neurofeedback is an emerging technology used widely to accelerate recovery. It has been clinically demonstrated successful in over a million sessions worldwide. Treatment relieves lingering symptoms of medical procedures including excessive use of perception drugs

Neurofeedback is a passive EEG in-office treatment administered while seated in a chair. It takes only a few minutes of treatment to begin working. The effect automatically relaxes the central nervous system and reduces brain inflammation. This permits the brian and neural networks to operate more efficiently. The brain immediately begins healing itself in the initial treatment session. It prunes the most energy-wasting neural adversely affected pathways. This means long-hauler symptoms are cleared in the order of their severity regardless of the cause being a virus or another pre existing condition. Results can be noticed within minutes. Most patients experience immediate relief from symptom and a return to comfort and clarity. Multiple sessions stabilize results with enduring life long benefits in all age groups.

CASE STUDY: Post-Viral Cognitive Impairment

At age 19, Peter was struck down by the pandemic. Returning to work after three weeks, his supervisors told him he was slow and ineffective.

He himself couldn’t notice a problem with his thinking–he thought he was covering up his difficulty– but everyone in his life told him he was not at his best. In his own words:

“[This virus] was the worst illness of my 19 years, leaving me feeling very bad in bed for a couple of weeks. My main symptoms were headaches, sore throat, and body ache, as well as ongoing fatigue. I had no sense of smell or taste as well. Recovery was slow. But even after months, I just could not transition past the last of “sick me” to the “regular me” because thinking and moving took impossible effort. Was I becoming what they call a “long hauler”, with symptoms lasting years after the virus is gone?

Session 1: My energy has increased. I am able to watch my thoughts. Something cleared–I am paying attention to every word I hear. The meaning goes in and stays. Why couldn’t I tell how bad things were before? This is the “regular me” I have been missing! I’m back!

Session 2: LENS Neurotherapy was something I had never heard about but was very curious to experience. It took me a while to notice, but after my second session I realized that my brain fog and body fatigue were gone. Not improved, gone. It was amazing to see how effective this procedure is. To me it felt like my mind and body were in sync. I felt more energetic and focused and that was a pleasant feeling which kept going.

I also had the unique opportunity to intern with Grant, and I saw the changes in other clients with my own eyes, especially the big smile they wore out of the office. I can say with no doubt in the world that Echo Neurotherapy is effective therapy and I 100% recommend it to anyone who would like to see some dramatic changes in the way they live.”