Recovery from  Alcohol and Drugs

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Clients have experienced successful treatment and recovery from compulsive use of alcohol, drugs, medications and gambling and pornography with LENS Neurofeedback. Treatment protocols are scientifically advanced to accelerate rebuilding of brain cells and healthy neuropathways and to reduce or eliminate habitual compulsive behaviors.

Clients of all ages report feeling relief from unhealthy behaviors including mental clarity and emotional resilience in the first session.

  • Rebuild healthy neurological brain networks
  • Restore clarity, self confidence, and productively
  • Reset neuronetworks and brain chemistry

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Drug free Alternative

Treatment for habitual use of drugs and alcohol is provided at our Echo Neurotherapy clinic. Neurofeedback treatment clears destructive habitual behavior patterns in the brain while increasing self-awareness that helps patients make better life choices.

In a landmark LENS Neurofeedback treatment study, 80% success rate or better was achieved for an integrated recovery program. The Pennington Study and white papers by Judith Miller flipped the typical average 80%  relapse rate to a remarkable 80% successful recovery rate.  Clinicians at Echo Neurotherapy have come to expect these high levels of success for clients  with reasonably good health and family support.

An Integrative Approach

Besides neurofeedback and chemical toxin testing, your confidential, personalized program might include tapering down medications with our in-house psychiatrist, Dr. Zachary Torry, genomic neuroactivating support, and mindfulness meditation instruction if desired. Other treatments are available with affiliated in-house professionals for osteopathy, nutrition counseling, nutritional counseling, functional medicine consultations and whole body thermography in our San Francisco office. Echo Neurotherapy’s integrative outpatient recovery program is flexible and invites you to design a recovery program that’s right for you and your schedule.

Personalized for Stability and Success

We provide just enough structure for you to discover for yourself what works for you. Many clients feel such marked improvement after a few neurofeedback sessions that they are able to let go of marijuana addiction, sustain long standing recovery from alcohol abuse with joy, or withdraw as peacefully as possible from opiate addiction. After neurofeedback, they suddenly find it much easier to make wise choices about taking better care of themselves. In one recent UCLA study, 77 percent of participants who received neurofeedback along with a 12-step program remained abstinent at 12 months.