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Echo Neruotherapy

EchoNeuro protocols combined with LENS Neurofeedback treatments help restore normal brain functioning for disorders and behavioral conditions. This combination of therapy and advanced technology has proven effective for tens of thousands of clients by reducing or eliminating symptoms while optimizing the brains neurological wellness.

Clinics provide neurofeedback treatments for symptoms of mood and behavioral conditions due to head injury, psychological and physical trauma, chronic pain, mental disorders controlled by the brain. Other onditions include: anxiety, ADHD/ADD, autism, traumatic brain injury bipolar, depression, migraines, PTSD, learning disabilities, and many more.

Echo Neurotherapy has clinic locations in San Francisco and Mill Valley.

Treatments are Safe
and Easy

Neurofeedback treatments are easy and safe for children, teens, and older adults. More than a million Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) sessions have been performed worldwide. University studies document the effectiveness for this type of neurofeedback therapy. Treatments combine EchoNeuro protocols with LENS to address a broad range of behavioral health disorders and recovery conditions.

Echo Neurotherapy induces neuroregeneration—a natural process our brain and body performs automatically to maintain and regenerate brain cells. Sessions are administered in a comfortable office setting for consultation, assessment, treatment, and follow-up evaluation.

Treatment sessions are conducted without the need for the preliminary qEEG brain maps or repetitive brain training required in traditional EEG neurofeedback. They require no direct effort or engagement other than sitting comfortably in a chair. Four small sensors are placed on the head to reflect low energy EEG signals between the computer system and the brain. This activity shows the brain how it can abandon obsolete pattern and function more efficiently and effectively.

The process is similar to rebooting a computer that is overloaded from running to many programs simultaneously. Then, the natural regenerative properties of the brain restore neural pathways.

After the initial session, subsequent treatments take from twenty to forty minutes. The number of sessions required is far less than traditional neurofeedback and varies based on individual health conditions and goals.

About Echo Neruotherapy

First Class Clinical Team
Licensed clinicians have provided counseling and therapy to thousands of clients for more than thirty years. Brain science advancements with LENS Neurofeedback Combined with EchoNeuro treatment protocols have helped thousand of people restore brain function and metal capacities to live with greater contentment and enjoy active lifestyles. Echo Neurotherapy has been a leader of mental, physical wellness to produce similar results that may be experienced with meditation certain kinds of meditation practices

Grant Rudolph and Victoria Vogal bring safe and dependable professional expertise with sensitivity to every clients unique circumstances and symptoms. Their depth of experience with clients helps them accurately recognize behavioral  kconditions and symptoms to diagnose neuro-treatment options. Once treatment therapy begins, they offer guidance, support and advise throughout each treatment sessions  This means that each client receives optimal personalized treatment suited for their specific needs and goals.

Results Oriented Therapies
We advocate LENS Neurofeedback as the best treatment option for relieving most symptoms of conditions listed HERE. LENS required fewer sessions by half when compared to traditional neurofeedback. It is easy, safe, and reliable. Clients don’t need to do or anything specific—treatments are conducted in comfort chairs in a friendly office setting. Treatment sessions takes only a few minutes. This  help guide your attention to recognize the ensuing changes that reinforces neural pathways. Each session offers gradual transformation with successive benifits that can last a lifetime.

Our Professional Promise
With more then 20,000 client sessions. Echo Neurotherapy is recognized by Sophia University as a thought leader in transformative technology.