Achieving Peak Performance

Achieving Peak Performance with Insight LENS Neurofeedback, Brain Supplements and Mindfulness

Clinicians at Echo Rock Neurotherapy in Mill Valley CA have developed a successful integrative-medicine approach to achieving peak performance by blending Low Energy Neurofeedback Sessions (LENS), brain supplements and mindfulness training. Our Treatment Program is safe, effective, and drug free for those of all ages

What is Peak Performance?

Peak Performance is where one’s true ability can come out to perform to his or her full given potential. We have provided this ability to many of our patients with Insight (LENS) Neurofeedback. Think of a time that you wrote or read something faster and more successfully than ever before or you performed athletically to a level previously not experienced. This is Peak Performance.

Relevant quotes from Stephan Larsen Ph.D – Neurofeedback and Peak Performance Expert

On Efficacy

“Under treatment I have watched people finishing dissertations, writing books, screenplays, music, poetry. Dreams and the imagination seem to be enhanced along with a general flow of good energy. People become more, well, like themselves.”

—Dr. Steve Larsen

On Enhancement of Personal Interests

“I cannot pretend to be immensely accomplished in any one field, the one advantage I have is that I throw myself into a lot of different areas of learning, with a “beginner’s mind” and a background of intense psychological and psychophysical self-observation. (Also I have been privileged to coach other people who were ‘at the top of their game.’ ). My own areas of interest are the martial arts (2nd degree black belt in Shoto-Kan karate), downhill skiing, technical rock climbing, flying trapeze (after the age of 60), classical and jazz piano, tabla, sleight of hand magic, choral singing, poetry writing, storytelling, along with memorization and public performances, with my wife, Robin. What I have noticed in each of these areas (requiring somewhat different subsets of skills), is that the LENS has facilitated almost everything.”

—Dr. Steve Larsen

Relationship to Self Actualization

“Optimal performance usually is thought of in the realm of athletics and the performing arts. Self Actualization is a more sedate, perhaps even lifelong process of harnessing one’s inner potentials, and unfolding creatively according to one’s own unique formula. Maslow’s concept of Self Actualization is not so different from Jung’s concept of Individuation, evolving along the unique path intrinsic to one’s being and selfhood.”

—Dr. Steve Larsen

Relevant and Interesting work on Musicians

As British researcher, Dr. John Gruzelier’s work has shown – in published, controlled studies, neurofeedback can beneficially affect both concentration (beta training), and empathic communication (theta training) in conservatory-based classical musicians.

Dr. Gruzelier in his own words: “The LENS work seems to offer similar bi-modal improvements–that is, allowing for both sharper concentration and the emotional communication, by opening flexibility portals both to high and low frequency brain activity as the situation requires.”

Time Tested Results

Since 1986, we have monitored our patients’ progress carefully, and continue to improve our treatment options. We look forward to helping you on your path to recovery, using the best of ancient wisdom and contemporary science.