ADHD Treatment with LENS Neurofeedback, Brain Supplements and Mindfulness

Clinicians at Echo Rock Neurotherapy in Mill Valley CA have have developed a successful integrative-medicine treatment for ADHD, blending Low Energy Neurofeedback Sessions (LENS), brain supplements and mindfulness training. Our ADHD Treatment Program is safe, effective, and drug free.

About ADHD Treatments with LENS Neurofeedback

  • Easy 15-30 minute sessions with quick results
  • Enhance or replace ADHD medication
  • Improve behavior, grades and performance
  • No rehashing past problems, just positive results

The label “ADHD” covers inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Everyone struggles with these states, whether they fit the diagnosis Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or not. Psycho-stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin can manage immediate symptoms, but we work at Echo Rock to find lasting evidence-based solutions. The Echo Rock Neurotherapy ADHD Treatment Program features LENS neurofeedback, brain supplements, and mindfulness training, all of which have a solid clinical history of effectiveness.

ADHD Symptoms Chart

We are creative, energetic big-picture thinkers with CEO qualities, but tend to be frustrated by thoughts going too fast in these ways:


    • Confusion and jumbled thoughts
    • Easily distracted
    • Problems reading and taking tests
    • Forgetting

    • Irritability, sudden anger or defiance
    • Speaking before thinking
    • Anxiety and worry
    • Discontent with how things are

    • Foot tapping, always moving
    • Hurrying until exhausted
    • Constantly talking
    • Procrastination or leaving things half done

Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) Treatment for ADHD

In LENS neurofeedback, a computer and EEG read the brainwaves for a few seconds and echo them back faintly through the same three sensor wires on the head. This accurate information starts a housecleaning process – defensive looping survival thoughts are re-evaluated and abandoned, if no longer useful. It’s similar to deleting unused anti-viral programs from your computer so that there is more memory to run programs. You don’t watch, hear, or concentrate on anything during a LENS treatment.

Mindfulness Training
for ADHD Treatment

Neuroscience research shows that the way out of the ADHD racing thoughts isn’t by trying harder, but by relaxing into the pleasure of this present moment, so that we don’t want to leave. What if everything felt good right now? What if you were contented and happy? When our brains are balanced, completing tasks can be fun and rewarding. We notice our thoughts and sensations without their putting us into orbit. We stop rushing into the future and settle into the present. We finish one thing at a time.

Our brains have evolved to prioritize survival thoughts. We can become stuck on many negative loops. After LENS Neurofeedback, it’s easy to sit still and notice the mind’s movement from one thought to another. Mindfulness practice is simply noticing the positive moments and stretching them out, until contentment becomes the brain’s default setting. LENS neurofeedback makes it easy to sit still and pay attention. Mindfulness lets you choose new skillful patterns and solidify them as your neuro-pathways.

Nutraceutical Brain Supplements for ADHD

Echo Rock Neurotherapy offers Neurotransmitter testing, which helps untangle complex health conditions and uproot chronic problems. Our clients take home a urine test kit, send it in, and get a personalized prescription for natural neurotransmitter supplements. Many people experience noticeable results, such as their first good night of sleep in decades. Balancing the brain chemistry can end cravings, speed withdrawals, and amplify the effects of neurofeedback and mindfulness. For people who are depleted, it can sustain the body’s own healing abilities.