Nutritional Support

EchoRock offers nutritional support and guidance to our clients. Along with general nutritional counseling, we offer neurotransmitter and mineral testing, and brain-health supplements to help our clients attain full-body health and wellness.

By utilizing laboratory analysis (urine sample), we can accurately prescribe diet recommendations and brain health supplements that suit your individual needs.

3 Critical Supplements to Consider

There are an incredible number of helpful supplements to support brain health and promote longevity. Ray Kurzweil, the current Chief Technology Officer at Google, Transhumanist, and Futurist makes three basic recommendations. Numerous studies demonstrate efficacy for these supplements.

Co-enzyme Q-10
Co-enzyme Q-10 is a key player in the Electron Transport Chain in our cell’s Mitochondria and is essential for energy generation.

Phosphatidylcholine is a phospholipid in the membranes of our cells, and adds to their fluidity. This fatty molecule helps tremendously with neural communication – helping chemical signals to be released earlier and with ease.

Vitamin D
It is believed that the majority of Americans are deficient in Vit. D. This vitamin plays a critical role in nearly every biological process, not just osteo-health as commonly thought.

Kurzweil in His Own Words