Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy

What is Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy?

Mindfulness is simply being aware of your thoughts in the present moment. With gentle acceptance of each thought that arises, we can develop awareness of the patterns our minds follow. While this idea is simple, actually creating a witness to the antics or your “monkey mind” takes much practice. We help you practice mindfulness cognitive treatment at Echo Rock.

Sitting with an experienced practitioner of mindfulness meditation helps you learn to watch your difficult moods without being pulled down into them. You can “head them off” before they envelope you. When someone who sits with you can accept your thought patterns without judgment, their capacity for compassion enters the room as a new possibility in your life.

Instead of wandering off into unresolved feelings and situations from your past or future, you mind can stay present in this moment. When you are here right now, the beauty, humor, and joy of life return to their rightful place.

Sometimes we try to solve our difficult moods like a problem. The more we try to fix them, however, the more tightly wrapped up we become. This is the time to ask for help. Mindfulness teaches a different approach. We learn to experience our moods directly, yet with some detachment. We are no longer possessed by them.

When you are afraid that your depression, anxiety, or other difficult thoughts will return and get worse, you may try to push them away. But they just come back stronger. Mindfulness takes a different approach. Your counselor is there with you, when you are ready, to visit these fearful places and even to experience painful memories. Gradually, you can develop a willingness to say yes to your emotions. As you develop kindness and compassion for yourself, those feelings become the source of your energy and your passion for life.