Children, Adolescents and Teens

The treatment of childhood mental and behavioral problems has been profoundly changed by recent scientific developments in neurofeedback. No more Band-Aids or blaming parents. Instead of teaching parents coping strategies and behavioral “containment” techniques, therapists can now directly address dysfunctions in your child’s brain. LENS neurofeedback resets the brain for optimal functioning, without drugs, effort, or belief by the child.

Is Insight Neurofeed right for Your Child?

Parents tell us Insight Neurofeedback helps their children with these school problems and other symptoms and we have noticed serious improvement in the following areas:

Impulse Control: Impatience Frustration Explosive Anger
Procrastination: Concentration Focus Test Taking
Memory: Foggy Thinking Direct Recall Everyday Chores
Sleep Disturbances: Low Energy Restless Leg Overwhelming Thoughts
Anxiety Obsessions Compulsions Hair-pulling/nail-biting
Missing Social Cues Isolation Shame Awkward Behaviors
Weight Management: Self-doubt Guilt Regrets

Traditional Talk Therapy
and Play Therapy

Sometimes a child or teen just needs to be with someone who is not their parent, yet believes in them. LENS-only appointments last a half-hour. They can be extended, or counseling can take place independently.

Our counselors have raised their own children, and have decades of experience with children and with groups for parents of ADD children. Please see ADD and ADHD.

Are My Child’s Symptoms Related To a Blow to the Head?

Many parents can trace their child’s difficulties to a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Head trauma typically occurs in sports contact, auto accidents, and playground falls. Accidents are a normal part of growing up, but the effects are cumulative from multiple hits.

Until neurofeedback, there was no effective cure, so TBI is one of the most under-reported and underdiagnosed injuries. LENS is particularly efficient in treating TBI. Please see Traumatic Brain Injury for statistics and research.

Does My Child Need A Diagnosis to Benefit from Insight (LENS) Neurofeedback?

Some parents feel comforted by a professional diagnosis, which we can provide. Other parents and teachers know there is something challenging going on, and want to spend their money on treatment right away. Because LENS allows the brain to choose its own progression of re-balancing, pinpointing the source of the problem is not essential for treatment.

Benefits from Traditional Therapy and Insight (LENS) Neurofeedback

For Parents:

  1. Learn to turn your “overwhelm” into confident parenting skills.
  2. Learn how to transform non-compliant behavior into acceptable behavior.
  3. Keep support and guidance from becoming perceived as pressure.
  4. Develop the courage and wisdom to let your child take appropriate risks.
  5. Become parents and stepparents who can provide children with consistent guidance, even in a stressful home or school environment.
  6. Learn to really understand your children and the contemporary world they live in.
  7. Stay connected to the beauty of your children even when they’re difficult to be around.

For Children, Adolescents and Teens:

  1. Discover how talented and powerful you really are.
  2. Develop the courage to walk away from dangerous situations.
  3. Become happier at home with your parents.
  4. Change negative thinking into confidence.
  5. Feel good about how you look and who you are.
  6. Learn to make new friends and let go of old “friends”.