Neuro Dharma – Meditation and Neurofeedback

Grant Rudolph, MA, MFT

Grant Rudolph, MA, MFT

A New Tradition

Participants in Neuro Dharma learn to advance into deep stages of meditation, using early Buddhist practice techniques, along with advanced neurofeedback technology.  They harness the synergy between the highest tech and the oldest meditation techniques prescribed by the Buddha.

“My mind stopped spinning and my anxiety disappeared after my first session.”  — KW Mill Valley, CA

Initial studies show that Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems (LENS) reduces mental distractions, including worry, anxiety, and aversion, which prevent us from being fully present. LENS sessions typically result in mental states of tranquility and clarity in all age groups. Following initial treatment, a meditation method known as the 6 Rs is taught and practiced in combination with follow-up treatments. The 6 Rs is a mnemonic training method that deconditions the causes of unwholesome mental states, while promoting wholesome mental states, including greater mental agility, memory improvement, and an overall sense of well-being and contentment.

“Without reworking my trauma, I simply was able let it go.”  — SB, San Francisco, CA 

The combined use of LENS neurofeedback with specific Dharma practices has shown to be successful for a wide population of people seeking treatment for medical conditions, including head trauma, ADHD, and PTSD. It has been successful for both long-time meditators who have plateaued and are seeking a breakthrough, and for those who “can’t meditate” because of mental agitation, restlessness or pain.

LENS and meditation


Sounds incredible? As the Buddha put it, “come see for yourself”.


Get Involved

A weekly practice group and residential retreats are available with limited enrollment. Participants can join weekly practice groups, or join a daylong workshop. 10-day residential retreats are available July, November, and March in Northern California. The goal is to experience advanced stages in meditation, resulting in contentment and fulfillment.

“After years of sitting in meditation, I can’t believe how immediately Neuro-Dharma deepened my meditation”.  — DL, Oakland, CA

While a retreat that lasts 1-3 days can have many benefits to the mind, to achieve true and lasting progress, longer retreats are often essential. For years there was no way to circumvent this challenge. Recently, however, meditation specialists have begun to use new technologies to make even short retreats productive. Low Energy Neurofeedback allows the mind to let go of defensive, looping thoughts. Awareness becomes clear, bright and spacious. In this state, effective meditation instruction in the noble abodes and 6 R’s bring rapid results. Daily interviews with experienced senior teachers keep you progressing effectively on the path. Interpersonal neurosync and group sitting pulls you deeper through mirror neuron transference. Neuro-sensors track biological correlates to the brahma viharas and advanced meditation states. With these tools, you can move beyond doubt.

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Meditation and LENS


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