Meditation Instruction and Training

Our series of classes are primarily available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sessions include group instruction and practice, one-on-one coaching, and Q&A throughout. It is ideal for beginners and address the needs of experienced meditators who wish to progress further in the stages of meditation. Participants are taught to meditate for short periods to more effectively cultivate compentency and desired results.The content in each session is based on the earliest meditation techniques described in the discourses of the Buddha. Presentations blend instruction and interactive practice exercises. The techniques and methods offered equip participants with a tool kit of practical knowledge and skill sets necessary to progress in the stages of meditation. Handouts of the course material are provided at each session.Participant learn a systematic method that quickly develops skills, understanding, and confidence for self-directed practice.


About this Series:

  •  Learn how to recognize and decondition the causes of unhappiness and distress.
  •  Learn how to change mental channels and tune your mental factors into clear and contented mental states.
  • Step-by-step instruction combined with guided practice sessions to develop unwavering awareness evenly yoked together with stillness and ease.
  • Learn how to radiate kindness to get unstuck  habitual emotional patterns  and addictive attitudes.
  • Learn how to use compulsive urges as teachers of insight and agents for change.
  • Develop sublime mental states known as the brahma-viharas and jhanas as a natural bridge to greater happiness.
  • Learn how to use daily experiences as a basis for mental and spiritual development.


Features and Benefits

  • Bhudda with flowersHow to use meditation as a mental development skill to live a happy fully integrated life without compulsive reactive emotional patterns causing unhappiness.
  • How to identify the root causes of unwelcome mental states and experience relief that leads to emotional balance and a peaceful attitude.
  • How to use stress and unhappiness and conflict to decondition reactive emotional patterns.
  • How to cultivate the essential building blocks of wise attention, happiness, and serenity to be  more fully engaged in each moment.
  • How to apply principles of selective thinking and the use of kindness to rebalance mental attitudes.
  • How to cultivate a holistic and sustainable practic that is compatible with active lifestyles.
  • How to use practical meditation techniques while standing, driving or waiting at the DMV.


Grant Rudolph, LMFT and Victoria Vogel, LMFT, have served as clinical co-directors of Echo Rock Neurotherapy for 25 years.  Grant has trained interns, run men’s groups, and used dreams to help people find their path.  He began sitting Vipassana in 1976 with Goenka, and Jack Kornfield performed their wedding ceremony at Spirit Rock before the first building was completed. Victoria and Grant are both graduates of the Dedicated Practitioner’s Program at Spirit Rock. As a former choir director, Grant enjoys chanting before the weekly meditation group. He is writing a book about the uses of Low Energy Neurofeedback to assist meditation practice. As a seasoned psychotherapist, Victoria is especially good at making people feel comfortable.

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