Recovery from Medical Procedures

LENS Neurofeedback Treatment for Recovery from Medical Procedures

LENS Neurofeedback is a micro electromagnetic field that shows the brain how to reset itself for optimal performance. Clients typically report feeling relaxed and calm with heightened mental clarity and steady emotional resilience. LENS Neurofeedback is not a specific treatment for any one condition, but a general regulation of the central nervous system. New balance in the brain often results in better sleep, focus and moods that together reduces or eliminates recovery symptoms.

Treatment Sessions

Medical procedures can include long-term rehabilitation, pain management, and  . Treating these symptioms is what LENS Neurofeedback does best. It clears reactive patterns to fear and pain in the brain along with anxiety resulting from the medical disorder and resulting procedures

In a landmark LENS Neurofeedback treatment study, 80% success rate or better was achieved for an integrated recovery program. The Pennington Study and white papers by Judith Miller fliped the typical average 80%  relapse rate to a remarkable 80% successful rate recovery.  Clinicians at Echo Rock have come to expect success these high levels of success for clients  with reasonably good health and family support.