Recovery from Medical Procedures and Illness

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Patients of all ages have experienced successful treatment for recovery from surgery, chronic illnesses, and brain functions from COVID-19 with LENS Neurofeedback. This advanced therapy rebuilds healthy neuropathways to treat pain, clear brain fog, aid sleep and improve memory. Clients report feeling calmer with less discomfort and anxiety after the first session.

· Restablishes normal thought processing and clears brain fog
· Resets brain neuropathways for better clarity and mental agility
· Restores mental clarity, emotional steadiness and resilience 

Learn more about the benefits medication-free treatment protocols to reestablish optimal neurological brain health.

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Treatment Sessions

Medical procedures and severe illness can require long-term rehabilitation, pain management, and revovery therapy. Treatment for symptoms may be necessary to relieve automatic reactions to fear and pain along with worry and anxiety resulting from lingering disorder and trauma.

In a landmark LENS Neurofeedback treatment study, 80% success rate or better was achieved for an integrated recovery program. The Pennington Study and white papers by Judith Miller fliped the typical average 80%  relapse rate to a remarkable 80% successful rate recovery.  Clinicians at Echo Rock have come to expect success these high levels of success for clients  with reasonably good health and family support.