What is LENS?

The Low Energy Neurofeedback System is an advanced form of biofeedback that stimulates the brain to reset itself for optimal functioning. Please view our Insight Neurofeedback Page for more information about how it works, its benefits, effectiveness, and safety.

How is LENS different from traditional neurofeedback?

Conscious effort is not required on the part of the client. All that is necessary is to sit still for a few seconds, making LENS especially suitable for active children and people resistant to talk therapy. Lens requires less than half the number of sessions needed for active brain-wave training, making it much less expensive.

Can LENS help my meditation practice?

Yes, LENS has been known to help people deepen their meditation practice. For beginners it can allow them to sink into a deep meditation state during LENS treatment, which may encourage them to deepen their practice on their own. For seasoned meditators it can help them deepen their practice as their minds continue to reorganize themselves.

How can Neurofeedback help my child?

LENS is particularly effective with children, and has been used to treat ADD and ADHD, behavioral problems, mood disorders, eating disorders and body image difficulties, performance anxiety, head trauma, and other difficulties (please see Treatment Focus Areas). It can also help children who overuse screen time and procrastinate.