Echo Rock has hosted dozens of events over the years ranging from day-long NeuroAwakening Retreats to week-long meditations. All include the integration of neurofeedback.

Benefits After neuroawakening, an advanced meditation-like state of contentment and equanimity become the normal baseline: the body is totally relaxed, yet the mind is bright. When self-stressing is gone, an energy dividend and spacious clarity are available to attend to what is most important. Athletes notice a flow state of effortless peak performance. Business describe the improvements as:

  • Creativity
  • Organization
  • Resilience
  • Prioritizing
  • Happiness
  • Cooperation
  • Focus
  • Better self-care
    emotional intelligence

Our retreats and Events are especially appropriate for:

  • People who find meditation difficult because of ADHD, mind wandering, pain or trauma history
  • Seasoned meditators who have plateaued and want to reinvigorate their practice
  • People who have had a spontaneous spiritual experience and want to explore further Technology
  • Helping professionals interested in firsthand experience with NeuroAwakening People who want to feel more connected to others
Upcoming Residential Retreat

NeuroAwakening Retreat,
Nov 24-26, San Juan Bautista, CA

Neurofeedback Enhanced Meditation Research Study
Individual neurofeedback treatment and coaching with Grant Rudolph
Before and after progress studies of personal biomarkers and positive qualities developed
Detailed instruction and one-on-one guidance in the Six R’s meditation method.

Accommodation and meals in the beautiful St Francis retreat center for 2 full days and one night

Option to stay on for a longer silent retreat with Doug Kraft, author of Buddha’s Map

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“After all the years I have worked on myself, I am amazed at how quickly I realized such pure presence and enduring peacefulness, both on and off the cushion.”

-Leigh Gronet, Landscape Architect

“NeuroAwakening gave me the immediate actual experience of freedom from stress that I have always wanted.”

-S. Johnson, Systems Engineer, SF