Victoria Vogel, MA, MFT

Co-Director of Echo Rock Neurotherapy

Many Reasons
People come to sit with me in a mood of acceptance and compassion for many reasons. They come to me because they are unhappy. They come because their marriage is struggling. They feel isolated and lack confidence. They are at their wit’s end with their spirited children. They are lonely and long for a partner. Financial pressure burdens them. Their sexual life is unsatisfying. Or they know somehow that a greater connection to meaning is possible in their life.

A Space Where Insight Flows Naturally
I have over 25 years experience counseling couples, adults, and teens, using a holistic Body-Mind-Spirit orientation. The cornerstone of my work is the warm connection I have with people. This “non-judging” mood in the room models something important for them–the strength and acceptance to be present with their most shameful feelings and secret thoughts. When the inner Friend is at home, suffering vanishes. Wisdom calms inner conflicts. Relationships flourish. Insight flows naturally.

Diversity of Skills
As a seasoned therapist, I am skilled with a variety of therapeutic tools and situations. I am humbled to have helped many marriages. I am especially successful with lonely people who want a partner. I am an expert helping parents with spirited children. I use EMDR for PTSD. I talk to teenagers easily. I am a rock for couples on the sands of divorce. I have compassion and knowledge for people with poor health.

Many Mediums
My therapeutic framework includes Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for quick results, Transpersonal Therapy for depth, Positive Psychology for moods, Family Systems Therapy for patterns, and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing for trauma. But to put it simply, I work with grace.
I have a successful 20 year marriage, and incredible grown children.

Relevant Clinical Training and Experience
My master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling combines Psychology with spirituality. My skills were honed at Langley Porter Children’s Hospital, UCSF. I have been Co-Director at Echo Rock Therapy Center for 22 years. My post-graduate training includes 12 years of Masterson group consultations. I have led a CHADD International ADHD Parent Support Group for 10 years. I am a member of the California Marriage and Family Association.

Vipassana/Meditation Background
Sitting has been my practice since 1978–more than forty extended retreats and family retreats. I am a graduate of the Dedicated Practitioners Program at Spirit Rock. I have studied Advaita Vedanta, Tai Chi, QiGong, Yoga, and Zen. I continue a strong daily meditation and exercise practice.