About Us

Echo Rock Neurotherapy combines LENS Neurofeedback treatments with psychotherapy and positive psychology coaching. This combination of therapies has proven effective for thousands of clients by reducing or eliminating symptoms while optimizing wellness.

The Echo Rock Neurotherapy clinic is located in Mill Valley, CA, exactly above Starbucks across form Tam High School. It’s 10 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge with plenty of free parking.

About Echo Rock

World Class Clinical Team
Licensed clinicians have provided counseling and psychotherapy to thousands of clients for nearly three decades. During the last decade they have administered more than 20,000 individual and group neurofeedback sessions. They work at the cutting edge of applied brain science, going beyond talk therapy and EMDR to offer advanced  LENS Neurofeedback technology. Clients report immediate and enduring states of calm and clarity, that lead to increased ease, productivity and confidence.

Health professionals recognize these treatments as the gold standard for addressing mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Echo Rock is one of the only clinics that can ease “benzo flu” during withdrawals from medications.

Grant Rudolph and Victoria Vogel each bring 30 years of professional experience and sensitivity to treat you unique circumstances. They are skillful to recognize clients challenges and symptoms with specific instructions and treatment options. Once your therapy begins, they are present with support and advise throughout each sessions. This individual attention provides optimal results. Their decades of expertise means that every client is guaranteed safe and effective treatment.

Results Oriented Therapies
We advocate LENS Neurofeedback as the best treatment option for relieving most symptoms of conditions listed HERE. LENS requires half as many sessions as traditional neurofeedback brain training. It is easy, safe, and reliable. Clients don’t need to watch, listen or do anything —treatment is direct and takes just a few seconds. Clinicians guide your attention to currently experienced positive changes, which reinforces new neural pathways. Even a single session is useful, and repeated sessions solidify the changes into enduring new personality traits.

Influencer Award
Echo Rock Neurotherapy was recognized by Sophia University as a “Top Influencer in Transformative Technology”  for its work in applied brain science.