Restore Brain Health and Clarity with LENS Neurofeedback

LENS Neurofeedback is a low energy micro-pulse that reorganizes brain pathways. This information shows the brain how to let go of negative emotional patterns and rebuilds healthy neural networks without medication. Passive treatments relieve symptoms in minutes while supporting healthy brain development for clearer thinking and renewed confidence.

What is LENS Neurofeedback? 

The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) reads a patient’s brainwaves with EEG sensors on the head. Then a computer program simplifies the information and echoes it back through the sensors as an imperceptible electromagnetic signal. The brain uses this essential information to automatically identify and discard negative emotional patterns. It is as if the brain sees itself in a mirror and naturally reorganizes neural pathways to optimize thought patterns and moods. LENS Neurofeedback sessions are medication-free and take only a few minutes in a comfortable office setting.

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Reliable and Safe 

LENS Neurofeedback is FDA certified and meets ISNR guidelines. We have conducted over ten thousand safe and effective treatments. Adult, adolescent, and child neurofeedback treatment is endorsed by AACAP guidelines for behavioral health. Since 1986, our patients have experienced relief from difficulties with concentration, habitual negative thoughts, foggy thinking, negative moods, memory, procrastination, irritability, migraines, and sleep. Recovery may be enhanced with mindfulness training and counseling guided by caring licensed therapists.

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Supporting therapies provide clients with optimal brain health and cognitive restoration for better brain health and quality of life.


Distraction is working at discontentment. Focus Is effortless delight.
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Feel more relaxed and worry-free in your first session.
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Replace anxiety with comfort and emotional intelligence.
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Brain Injury/Concussion

You will be surprised as forgotten abilities and memories return.
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New energy and clarity relieves depression.
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Learning Disabilities

When the brain stops being irritable, learning is easy and fun.
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PTSD is temporary with gradual treatment.
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Addiction from
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Medical procedures
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Medication withdrawal
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We also treat: anger, performance-anxiety, specific phobias, cognitive performance, chemotherapy recovery, eating disorders and body image, lyme disease, medical recovery and rehabilitation, obsessive and compulsive behaviors.  

LENS is not a cure for any one disease. It is a brain reset that addresses underlying stress, freeing up resources to finally address problems that used to be overwhelming.