We are pioneers in using Passive Neurofeedback (LENS)

 A safe and effective treatment of numerous neurological and psychiatric conditions.  

In the last few decades, the scientific community has become aware that physical brain structures change over time.  Our nearly 80 billion brain cells (or neurons) are continuously strengthening, weakening, destroying and creating new connections called synapses.  LENS safely promotes neuroplasticity (adaptive change) in the human brain by refining and reusing adaptive neural pathways. This results in optimum functioning. Learn more…

What is a LENS Session Like? 

After a thorough evaluation, the patient sits quietly with eyes closed while a computer and EEG safely read brain waves and faintly echo them back for a few seconds through three sensor wires. The brain uses this accurate information to drop repeating defensive thoughts, and make room for positive new patterns through neural reuse and plasticity. Our patients report feeling calm and present, with sensations of improved circulation, clearer thinking, organization, and a steady, contented mood. Find out what LENS can do for you. Get in touch with the team at Echo Rock Neurotherapy to schedule your first visit.

Summer Events!

Upcoming: One-day Kindness and Wisdom Retreat. Combine instruction on silent meditation with Doug Kraft, author of Bhudda’s Path, and LENS Neurofeedback with Grant Rudolph, MFT. May 30th in Mill Valley, CA. 9-4:30pm.


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