What is Direct Neurofeedback?


Direct Neurofeedback is custom electrical information that shows the brain where it is wasting energy on fight-or-flight defensive thoughts from the past. The resulting natural state of calm and clarity provides the resources to perform better and address mental health concerns. It’s like deleting all the unused apps that make your phone freeze.

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The EchoRock Neurotherapy Clinic is located in beautiful, Mill Valley, California. Our home offers many advantages and we are able to offer a wide range of services and specialties. Please download our intake forms before your appointment. Thank you very much!

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Our focus is on combining neurofeedback with other therapies, practices, and lifestyle modifications.

Insight (LENS) Neurofeedback
LENS is scientifically demonstrated to be effective for a variety of different conditions and disorders that are related to brain function.

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We combine diverse psychotherapeutic interventions in order to improve brain function and correct dysfunctional patterns.

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Meditation Training
Our training teaches clients how to witness their mind’s thoughts, gracefully accept and integrate difficult emotions, and calm the mind in the process.

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Nutritional Support
Along with general nutritional counseling, we offer neurotransmitter and mineral testing, and brain-health supplements to help our clients attain full-body health and wellness.

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Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy
Mindfulness is simply being aware of your thoughts in the present moment. With gentle acceptance of each thought that arises, we can develop awareness of the patterns our minds follow.

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Children Adolescents & Teens
The treatment of childhood mental and behavioral problems has been profoundly changed by recent scientific developments in neurofeedback. No more Band-Aids or blaming parents.

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Discover Our Diverse Specialties

Intgration of neurofeedback with therapeutic contexts treats myriad of conditions, and mental phenomena.

Fighting to rewire to adaptive brain states.

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Learning Disabilities & Autism 
Celebrating neuro-diversity.

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Training to focus and forgetting to procrastinate.

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Memory Loss
Experiencing clarity of thought at last.

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Anxiety & Stress 
A way to battle everyday on all fronts.

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Migraines & Headaches 
Fending off the unbearable pain.

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Depression & Fatigue 
Waking up beyond the shadows.

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Peak Performance 
Achieving human potential.

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Head Trauma & TBI 
Healing force with reflected states.

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Relief and serenity from intrusions of mind and brain.

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And Many Other Specialties Including: Anger, Performance Anxiety, Specific Phobias, Cognitive Performance, Chemotherapy Recovery, Eating Disorders and Body Image, Lyme Disease, Medical Recovery and Rehabilitation, Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviors and others.

Understand the Science

Research has demonstrated high levels of safety and efficacy in neurofeedback trials.

The human brain is comprised of approximately 80-100 billion brain cells, called neurons. These neurons interrelate and communicate via electrical signals with one another at junctions called synapses. It is our best guess as scientists, that the pattern of synaptic connections that form in the brain, lends significantly to the emergence of specific brain states, which in-turn account for our most-human of attributes: learning, personality, behavior, pain, emotion, cognition and the list continues. The culmination of these brain states and patterns of neural firing produce measurable electrical wave patterns called brain-waves. Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS), works by reading these brain waves and generating a customized correlation of electrical signals back to the brain. This “feedback” is understood to cause adaptive disruptions to patterns of neural-firing and may induce healthier, more plastic, brain states according to emerging evidence over the last two decades. Both traditional neurofeedback and LENS have demonstrated efficacy and safety in the treatment of many neurological and psychologically-based conditions.

Insight (LENS) Neurofeedback is a proven safe and highly effective technique – and works passively by lightly attaching sensors to the forehead and earlobes. Nothing is required of you while you undergo LENS.
Neuroplasticity is the process by which synapses change connectivity patterns – by strengthening, weakening, forming or being eliminated. Insight (LENS) Neurofeedback is understood to catalyze this process in a passive manner by providing gentle and safe electrical feedback .
Neurons are cells in the human brain. The way these cells connect and communicate via synapses is understood to give rise to our behaviors, thoughts, and personalities. There are more synapses in the human brain than there are stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Image credit: MIT

Meet Our Clinical Directors

Grant and Victoria bring over seven decades of combined clinical experience to their patients

“After some 30 years in our same local Mill Valley location, we continue to enjoy learning how to be better healers in our practice. Indeed – with research on the frontiers of brain science released every day – it has never been more exciting to be utilizing tools that combine neurofeedback and mindfulness. We feel that we are both at the peak of our careers. We are honored to share our story with you and help you on your journey to better health.”

-Grant Rudolph, MA, MFT & Victoria Vogel, MA, MFT

Attend an Upcoming Event

NeuroAwakening Retreat: November 24th-26th, San Juan Bautista, California

Join us for an incredible weekend at the beautiful St. Francis Resort. EchoRock has a long history of hosting successful events and retreats. It’s our pleasure to welcome you to NeuroAwkening.

This retreat is especially appropriate for:
-People who find meditation difficult because of ADHD, mind wandering, pain or trauma history
-Seasoned meditators who have plateaued and want to reinvigorate their practice
-People who have had a spontaneous spiritual experience and want to learn more
-Technology or helping professionals interested in firsthand experience

Registration and Additional Information

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Experience Calm Awarness
What Attendees Say About Retreats:
NeuroAwakening gave me the immediate actual experience of freedom from stress that I have always wanted.”
-S.J. Systems Engineer, SF
Focus on Clarity and Confidence
“After all the years I have worked on myself, I am amazed at how quickly I realized such pure presence and enduring peacefulness, both on and off the cushion.”
L.G., Landscape Architect

Read What Our Clients Say

We are humbled by our extraordinary patients.


“My 13 year old son received 2 sports concussions within a few months. Grant gave him LENS therapy (low energy neurofeedback system). Within a short period of time my son reported his memory, mood and coordination were better than before the concussions.” A.W. San Rafael, CA

“I had my first back-and-forth conversation with my autistic son.” C.W., Benicia CA

“No negative thoughts for two weeks.”  Dick F., Mill Valley, CA

“My mind is so clear and organized, I get more done.” J.S., Executive, San Francisco

“I was amazed. Twice I walked into Echo Rock with migraine symptoms that vanished within five minutes, and were gone the rest of the day. And not only was the migraine gone, but I had tons of energy!” Bonnie A., Mill Valley, CA

“My mind stopped spinning and my anxiety disappeared after my first session.”  K.W., Mill Valley, CA

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