Restore Brain Health with Neurofeedback Treatment

Reduce negative habit patterns, worry, and foggy thinking
Rebuild healthy brain neural networks in minutes without medication
Reset mental clarity, memory, and self-confidence

LENS Neurofeedback
Provides Relief

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Neurofeedback treatment office visits and crisis therapy uses safe social distancing protocols. We guide you through treatments and therapy in privacy, safety and comfort.

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Echo Rock Neurotherapy provides top-rated treatment for adults and kids. LENS Neurofeedback is endorsed by AACAP guidelines for behavioral health and FDA certified for ISNR guidelines.

Since 1986, we have provided treatment for clients experiencing foggy thinking, negative moods, memory loss, confusion, procrastination, fatigue, irritability, migraines, reading and learning challenges. Learn more about conditions treated and check out our five-star client reviews.



A distracted brain is searching for something better. Focus is the flow of delight in the present.
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Feel more relaxed and worry-free in your first session.
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Calm the irritated brain and cooperation follows.
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Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI, concussion, head trauma relief. Restore abilities and memories.
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Depression/ Bipolar

Relieves negative thought loops, restores energy, clarity, and mental agility.
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Learning Disabilities

When the brain stops being irritable, learning is easy and fun.
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LENS shows the brain how to stop defending itself from the past.
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Medical procedures
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Medication withdrawal
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Improvements also may address:
sleep, anger, performance anxiety, procrastination, phobias, memory, test taking, tics, headaches and migraines, neuropathy, Parkinson’s, eating disorders, Lyme disease, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  

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LENS does not replace standard medicine. It is not a cure for any one disease. It is a brain reset that targets underlying stress, freeing up resources to finally address problems that used to be overwhelming.